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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diary of a Wacky Class Part 3

MONDAY April 18th
Today nothing extraordinary happened. The day just drifted by. Except a little talking incident in music class we just had the back row talking nonstop.

TUESDAY April 19th
Today we had drama. In which we had many more people. Start on there commercials. But the special news is that the class finished reading MR. Ito. In french class we did a sports survey.

WEDNESDAY April 20th
Today in science we started studying about alternative sources of energy. Adding to that it was the last day we worked on our Japanese internment poems too.

THURSDAY April 21st
Today we started brain storming a slogan for pyjama day. In gym we were practising high jump.

FRIDAY April 22nd
Today we had no school. Because of good old Easter Friday and there is absolutely no school on Monday.
There is a new thing happening in the blog. I’m now writing interesting facts about Canada enjoy.

Did you know that Canada is over 40 times bigger than the UK and 18 times bigger than France.
• Canada has more inland lakes and rivers than any other country in the world.
• The largest group of freshwater lakes in the world belongs to The Great Lakes. This group is consisted of Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario lakes where one third of its total surface is in Canada.
• Canada has the world's longest coastline, over 200 000 km.

Written by Roma Makarov

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