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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Diary of a Wacky Class Part 2

Monday April 11
Today our class received a notice to go to the Steveston museum of Japanese interment.
After that we learned about the Japanese nuclear crisis that happened in 1945. There was nothing more special that day except that we learned about telling a false newspaper headline from a real one.

Tuesday April 12
Today we started filming our commercials in drama. Drama is a big 2 block fun class because there are no sheets of work and absolutely no homework. There are around 4 groups filming at the moment and they are making commercials about t-shirts,Nintendos toothpaste, basketball shoes and kleenex.

Wednesday April 13
Today the grades 6 and 7 best mathematicians took part in an all Canadian math exam. The exam itself is hard. Because it has math questions from the grade 4s math program to the grade 7s math program and you only have one and a half hours to do it.

Thursday April 14
Today the grade 6's got a whole page of math to be finished by Friday. In the gym we have started practising for track and field. Track and field is a competition in witch athletes from all the schools in Richmond come to and compete against each other.

Friday April 15
Today we had kids from another school come to our school and sing a couple of pieces from all over the world. After that we had Terry Fox's brother, Fred Fox come to our school and talk about Terry Fox fighting against cancer.

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