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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. Young's reply

Dear Lynda (Mrs. Young)

This afternoon around 10 minutes to four I received a call from the

reception to tell me there was an envelope for me and she was closing the

office at 4. If I wanted it tonight could I pick it up before 4. I did so.

What a heartwarming surprise I received when I opened the envelope. It is

without a doubt one of the most emotional happenings I have experienced

since serving in the army.It is hard for me to accept all the accolades

poured forth from these students. Such a large body of volunteers are no

longer able to read the comments as they have paid the supreme sacrifice and

I feel guilty receiving them because I was lucky enough to survive. I can

only express my thanks for the thoughtfulness of these students to express

their feelings, so well put together in pictures, poems and comments - which

touched me very deeply. On behalf of all those who had their life snuffed

out fighting for what they believed in - freedom - please convey my

personal thanks to the students who prepared this presentation which was

delivered to me to-day. Their thoughts give me hope that the future is in

good hands, and that I spent almost five years of my life on a worthwhile

effort to make this world a better place for generations to come.

Malcolm Young

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Earth's Crust PowerPoint





Lava Tube

Taiwan, Mar 2002

Toba (long ago)


Caldera (crater lake)

China, (Gansu)Dec. 1920

Irazu, 1965


Volcanic dike

San Francisco, 1989

Pinatubo, 1991



Lisbon, Nov. 1755

Pelee 1902


Volcanic Island

Japan, Sept. 1923

Krakatoa 1883


Mountain (formation of)

Pakistan (Quetta) May 1930

Mt. St. Helen’s 1980


Cinder cone volcano (formation of)

Kobe, Jan. 1955

Vesuvius 79 AD


1 Eileen, Angela, Alfred, Matthew
2 Sunshine, Stella, Andrew, Ryan
3 Laura, Andee, Aiden, Bryan
4 Deenah, Celin, Jerry, Christy
5 Saba, Roma, Hellen, Cindy
6 Jason + David, Edvins, Michelle, Kevin
7Nate, Jessica, Jasmine, Alex

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vow Of Silence

Real or Fake Websites

A lot of what we find on the internet is true. A lot of it, however is not necessarily true, even though we might think it is... Be a critical thinker.

Look at these 2 websites, decide for yourself and then discuss with your neighbour.
Are they both real? Is either one real? Use some evidence to support your thoughts.

#1 (the exploding whale)

When done, you can click on the link at the right titled Life- it has photos that are either Real or Fake. You decide.