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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Volleyball Schedule




Approximate Start /EndTime

Teams Playing

Wednesday, November 3

(Drive to) DeBeck

DeBeck School

3:20 pm/ 4:20 pm

A, B, C

Thursday, November 4


DeBeck School

3:20 pm / 4:20 pm

D, A

Tuesday, November 9

(walk to) Garden City

Garden City School

3:20 pm/ 4:20 pm

B, C, D

Wednesday, November 10


Blundell School

3:20 pm/ 4:20 pm

A, B

Wednesday, November 17

(walk to) Blundell School

Blundell School

3:20 pm/ 4:20 pm

C, D

Tuesday, November 23


Errington School

3:20 pm/ 4:20 pm

A, B

Tuesday, November 30

(walk to) Errington School

Errington School

3:20 pm/ 4:20 pm

C, D

Monday, October 25, 2010

Online Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

Paste the following into a Word document.
Save in the Division 1 folder as: Newspaper Quiz-Your first name

From: Saturday, October 23rd


ANSWER (type into this space)


Who is coming to Vancouver to talk about animal behaviour and problem pet owners


Who writes the comic strip Animal Crackers


Who is the editor of the New York Times Crossword?


What was the high/low temperature for Cairo, Egypt for Williams Lake, BC

Cairo: High _____ Low _____

Williams Lake: High _____ Low ______


What was on TV on the CBC channel from 7pm until 10pm on Saturday night?


Approximately how long have sharks been around on Earth for?


How many different shark species are there in BC?

From: Friday, October 22, 2010


ANSWER (type into this space)


Since the new law was passed, exactly how many drivers have been given tickets for using their Celluar phones to either talk or text while they were driving?


What 3 movies are advertised on Page D7


What times does “Score: A Hockey Musical” play at Silvercity on Wed-Fri

Remembrance Day Memory Project

Mr. Malcolm Young's profile:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Me To We

Here is a link to Me To We Day

Once you have your Me To We speaker, search Wikipedia or elsewhere to find out the following:

1) How many Me To WE events have they been a part of?
2) What is their "normal" profession?
3) What is the passion/special skill that has made them a part of Me To We?
4) What is their "message" that they will be trying to share on Me To We day?

Here is the lineup:
  • Craig & Marc Kielburger – Co-Founders of Free The Children = Matthew, Andee, Cindy
  • Ethan Zohn – Winner of the hit TV show SURVIVOR, co-founder of Grassroot Soccer and motivational speaker = Nate, Ryan, Angela
  • Martin Sheen – Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor and activist = Roma, Bryan, David
  • Michel Chikwanine – Former child soldier and Me to We motivational speaker = Stella, Saba, Celin
  • Philippe Cousteau – Chief Ocean Correspondent for Animal Planet and Planet Green, and co-founder of EarthEcho = Andrew, Jasmine, Alex
  • Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr. – civil rights leader and politician = Edvins, Christy, Jessica
  • Robin Wiszowaty – Author of My Maasai Life: From Suburbia to Savannah and community development worker = Deenah, Eileen, Sunshine
  • Scott Hammell – Magician and Me to We motivational speaker = Kevin, Laura, Jerry
  • Spencer West – Me to We motivational speaker = Michelle, Alfred, Aiden