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Sunday, January 2, 2011

WORD Shortcuts Assignment

1. Copy the 2 blog entries titled Common Word Shortcuts and Uncommon Word Shortcuts and then paste them into a Word document on your computer.

2. Make the changes to the file so that it appears as in the sample format shown below.

Text is all 12pt in size.

Move the headings so they match the descriptions.

Use selection and formatting shortcuts to speed the process, especially Ctrl+y and drag/drop.

2. Use Save As to put a copy of this file in your Completed Files folder. You can print a copy if you like.

Sample Format:

Ctrl+Y The Redo command - This command will repeat that last thing you did. You can keep executing this command over and over to redo the same thing over and over. This is especially useful if you are making multiple formatting changes to tab settings or font settings.

Ctrl+D The Font command - This command gives you access to the window of the same name. In this window, you can modify all manner of text appearance including size, spacing, styles, colours, and fonts. While many of these modifications can also be made through toolbar shortcuts, the more rarely used ones such as Small Caps can only be found here.

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