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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Uncommon WORD Shortcuts

Find which item from list 1 matches which item in list 2 and which item from list 3 they go with.

List 1:

1) Command +D

2) Command +F

3) Command +SpaceBar

4) Command +Y

5) Command+Shift + H

6) Command +W

7) Command +P

List 2:

A) The Find command

B) The Font command

C) The Replace command

D) The Spotlight command

E) The Close command

F) The Redo command

G) The Print command

List 3:

i) This command takes you to the Print window, which lets you choose printing options prior to sending the job to a printer.

ii) This command will repeat that last thing you did. You can keep executing this command over and over to redo the same thing over and over. This is especially useful if you are making multiple formatting changes to tab settings or font settings.

iii) This command takes you to the same window as Ctrl+G and Ctrl+F. It is used to locate things in the file and change them in a predetermined way. Of the three tabs in this window, the Replace command is by far the most useful and will save you hours upon hours if you learn to use it cleverly. Some characters are entered as codes (e.g. ^p) because these keys cannot be used for data entry while in the Replace window.

iv) This command gives you access to the window of the same name. In this window, you can modify all manner of text appearance including size, spacing, styles, colours, and fonts. While many of these modifications can also be made through toolbar shortcuts, the more rarely used ones such as Small Caps can only be found here.

v) This command closes your file. If you have made changes since your last save, you will be prompted to save first. For this reason, it is usually faster to hold down the Ctrl key and hit S then W consecutively.

vi) This command returns takes you to the Spotlight or Search bar where you can search for help on topics you are looking for.

vii) This command takes you to the same window as Ctrl+G and Ctrl+H. It is used to locate things in the file. The computer is fast, accurate and stupid, so it will look for exactly what you type including space bars (case-sensitivity is an option you can choose).

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