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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blog Scavenger Hunt-not a race.

Your job is to
a) Find
b) read an article from and
c) then take a screen shot of the following:

  1. A blog about blogging
  2. A blog written by a teacher
  3. A blog "en francais"
  4. A blog written by someone younger than you. What's this one about? ___________
  5. A blog about something you are passionate about. What's this one about? ___________
  6. A blog about or featuring sports.
  7. A blog about cooking/baking
  8. A blog written by someone you know (not the person from #2)
  9. A blog written by someone living outside of North America
  10. A "picture" or photo blog. 
  11. A blog about math.
  12. A vlog. What's a vlog? Use the internet to help you find out? 

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