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Monday, September 10, 2012

Internet searching tips

From Google:

simple ones:

Who can own a website?
o   What does .com stand for?
o   What about .org?
o   How about .net?
o   Who can own these websites?
·       Answer: Anyone. These along with others are called “open domains” and anyone can own them for about $10-15 for each website. You don’t have to be a certain age, you don’t have to own a business, you just have to be willing to pay.
·       Historical Side Note: When the Internet started nobody thought it would be what it is today. In fact they thought only three entities would use the Internet.Commercial Businesses, Organizations, and Networks. Of course we know today the Internet is much larger than was originally anticipated. Things got ugly when the Internet starting becoming popular and people starting buying .com websites that were not businesses, or .org websites that were not organizations. In the end they all became “open domains” or anyone could own them.
·       Closed Domains: There are a few closed domains on the Internet. Domains that you cannot buy unless you are a specific business or government. The two most well known closed domains are .gov (government) and .edu or .ac (Education or Academic Institution depending on the country). Nobody can buy these domains. .gov domains are reserved for governments and .edu and .ac are reserved for schools. Only governments and schools can have those domains.
·       Country Domains: As the Internet grew people needed to know where the website was located. For example .gov gives you the United States Government but if you want the Chinese government you need By creating country domains the Internet can be searched for information by country.

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Change the reading level (using advanced options)

Where did this all come from? 

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