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Monday, May 2, 2011


We are going to be making an iMovie using some video clips and photos that you have shot. Additionally, images from the internet can be used (although this should be used only to supplement the iMovie

Watch this movie (about how to setup an iMovie)

• Your iMovie should be about you (doing something positive at school, or it could be about you and your friends, or it could feature work that you have done this year)
• You can use still images that have been scanned or taken with a digital camera or both.
• You can use some images from the internet (beware of incorrectly "borrowing" copyrighted images)
• You can use the movie portion of the camera to record anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes of video relevant to your story, and import into your iMovie.
• You should have a first slide that shows the title of your iMovie (and who made/directed the movie also-ie. that's you!)

Final Assessment:
4 Your iMovie meets & exceeds the requirements. It is complete beyond expectations. It really shows your style & personality too. You have an excellent finished product, which is a joy to watch!

3 Your iMovie meets requirements & is complete. It illustrates your topic well. It is easy to follow & only needs minimal editing to achieve "exceeding”. Some personal style shows.

2 Your iMovie minimally meets requirements. The final product somewhat illustrates your topic but more work is needed to make it flow better.

1 You did not finish your iMovie or it did not follow the guidelines or topic. It shows little or no personal style.

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